[cvsnt-dev] Re: Where to go forward with the main list.

David Somers dsomers at omz13.com
Mon Jul 24 00:13:43 UTC 2006

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Tony Hoyle wrote:
> Something has to be done - the viagra spammer is trying to bring the net
> to its knees on his own.. spamassassin isn't catching him, he's sending
> from hundreds of ISPs (I've reported about 30 to spamcop myself) and
> he's *very* prolific.  I went out for a couple of hours and had another
> 6 in my inbox & another 3 on the cvsnt list... there isn't even enough
> to block on.. he keeps changing the spellings & I haven't found any
> pattern to work with yet.

To say he's annoying is understatement.

I think its probably time to close the list to non-subscribers (or at least
to do so temporarily until this excessive spamming stops).

>> Sure, but perhaps some solution could be possible; perhaps just forcing
>> plain text only posts (since I can't see, in the context of cvsnt, any
>> real need to do fancy posting).
> It's not just that... replying like I am at the moment doesn't really
> work on a web forum - you don't quote in the same way...

Yeah, I know... but I can't imagine that it is impossible to somehow mangle
a message so it can work across both systems.

>   > BTW, perhaps now would be the time to discuss/think about whether
> its worth
>> breaking the main list (cvsnt) into platform-specific lists (or rather,
>> the cvsnt continues as is, and a new list, say cvsnt-linux is added for
>> linux support issues; repeat for other platforms are required.
> I don't think that'd be helpful since there's a lot of common code, and
> in general stuff that works in one works in the other.  There's no
> specific OSX problems or Solaris problems really, except compiling
> them... and I make binaries for that.

OK. I was just an idea; blame the heatwave.

> Of course sometimes platform differences to happen but they tend to be
> -dev things, like the gentoo issues and the problem with loading
> databases (which I still haven't got a clue about... will start tracing
> the darn kernel if I have to).

I haven't a clue either. I'm not sure if you saw my message on the main list
buried amongst the spam, but it looks like a vtable symbol isn't being
included in the .so. I committed a change today to LibraryAccess so you can
get a better error message. I tried jigging around with linker options (-E
to libtool) to force all symbols into the library and it made no
difference;  unless I was invoking it wrong, I couldn't get that symbol
in... maybe some __attribute__ ((visibility("default"))) voodoo needs to be
done (a la http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/Visibility)

If you want some strace/ltrace stuff from me just tell me what command to
run and I'll zap it over to you.

David Somers

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