[cvsnt-dev] timestamp in history file and rlog command

Jens Miltner jum at mac.com
Mon May 7 09:17:15 BST 2007

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is the timestamp in the history file written as GMT or as local time?

The reason I'm asking is that I'm using cvstrac (http:// 
www.cvstrac.org) to track cvs commits, but every now and then cvstrac  
will fail to retrieve the commit information, basically because rlog  
won't list any commits in the time window requested.
What cvstrac does is it reads the history file and constructs rlog  
commands from the timestamps stored in the history file like:

rlog '-d2007-05-04 11:02:56<=2007-05-05 01:06:15' '/my_repo/my_module/ 
my_file.h,v' 2>/dev/null;

I found that there seems to be a gmt <-> localtime mismatch when  
constructing this time window parameter. cvstrac uses gmtime(3) to  
convert the timestamp into a tm struct, then uses strftime to  
construct the time string, but apparently, either the timestamp  
stored in the history file is not GMT, or the code in rlog assumes  
GMT times being passed.
(The time window is created by taking the timestamp +/- 1 hour).

I'm in GMT+02:00 timezone and when I adjust the time window by one  
hour, I do get a log entry listed, so this definitely seems to be a  
gmt <-> localtime conversion issue.

This problem never happened before we switched to cvsnt on our cvs  
server, so I have to assume it has to do with either how cvsnt server  
writes out the timestamps or how cvsnt's rlog command parses the time  

Any ideas?


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