[cvsnt-dev] build errors on Fedora 9

Andreas Tscharner andy at vis.ethz.ch
Thu Dec 4 07:00:28 GMT 2008

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Arthur Barrett wrote:
> Andreas,
>> As far as I know, gcc-4.4 is more strict, e.g. it requires 
>> the include 
>> file to be #included where it is needed and it does not check 
>> if it was 
>> included somewhere in the other included files.
>> A lot of changes that I had to make for Debian was because of this 
>> behavior, which gcc-4.3 started and gcc-4.4 seems to go even further.
> This behaviour appears abnormal (we compile the same code with ms c++ on
> windows and also aCC on HPUX after all).  Is it possible to change this
> behavious with a parameter passed to gcc?  If so I'd prefer it handled
> that way since we rely on included files from headers within headers all
> over the code.  

I will have another look at this. I'm not quite sure any more if it's a 
gcc-4.x problem...
>> That solved the problem...put the three lines at the end of 
>> cvsapi.h and it
>> now builds and installs.  Thanks!
> But I suppose this brings up the question again of why gcc 4.4 fails to
> compile the code in the first place.  
> There is no 'harm' in 'also' adding the lines suggested (however adding
> to cvsapi.h is preferable to adding to each trigger).  

I haven't patched anything yet. As soon as I know what the reason 
is/was, I'll drop a message in the newsgroup.

Best regards
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