[cvsnt-dev] Problems building CVSNT_BRANCH_2_5_03_2382

Eric B. ebenze at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 8 17:36:02 GMT 2008

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"Tony Hoyle" <tony.hoyle at march-hare.com> wrote in message 
news:foi1at$40e$1 at paris.nodomain.org...
>> I tried checking out the source from CVS for CVSNT_BRANCH_2_5_03_2382, 
>> and followed Bo's Howto compile in windows help file, but I am running 
>> into several errors (not warnings).  I then ran across a posting from 
>> Arthur from a few months ago relating to some broken tags in the branch 
>> and used his manual script to extract the remainder of the cvsnt tree.
> Bo's stuff is a quite out of date and I haven't looked at it for a while, 
> but the basic setup goes:
> Start with a working VS2003 & cygwin.
> Checkout cvsnt
> Checkout cvsdeps

Do I not need the Platform SDK anymore as per Bo's instructions?
What is cygwin required for?  Is that only if I want to build for *nix?  Or 
is that required even for a Win build?

> Setup include/lib paths paths to the various items in cvsdeps 
> (unfortunately for cvsnt there's no premade settings file like there is 
> for evs so this is still a manual task).

Yes - that was a pain! :)  I didn't find any specific branches for cvsdeps - 
I just used the trunk - is that okay?

> I don't think you need to go with that complex checkout procedure - last 
> time I did it I just checked out CVSNT_2_0_x and it worked fine. Shouldn't 
> be any different for the 2382 branch.

I tried without that complex script, but I had 3 files missing in plink 
module.  Don't remember them offhand, but if memory serves, the 3 were:

Updating to plink to branch CVSNT_2_0_x replaced those files back in though.

> build.h is built at the start of the build process automatically.. you 
> didn't post any errors producing that though so I'm not sure what's going 
> on there.

Hmmm - interesting.  Where do I look for build.h in that case?  In VS2003, I 
did a clean & rebuild soln, and ended up with that error.

On side question, Arthur mentioned that the code for the Message to Bug 
option was added to the 2382 build for commercial customers, and is in the 
source for the 2382 branch, but not in the OSS 2382 build.  I'm a bit 
confused how that happens - does that mean the the OSS 2382 built was built 
from the same branch but at an earlier time?  In which case, wouldn't the 
build number be different for the commercial clients?



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