[cvsnt-dev] Problems building CVSNT_BRANCH_2_5_03_2382

Eric B. ebenze at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 8 22:15:45 GMT 2008

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"Arthur Barrett" <arthur.barrett at march-hare.com> wrote in message 
news:foihfl$b8e$1 at paris.nodomain.org...
> IF you want to do us a big favour - build 2_0_x branch instead and then 
> use winmerge to merge in the 'message to bugs' stuff from the 2503 
> branch - it's all in commit.cpp and i think you've got the hang of the 
> code.  Then if you can build 2.5.04 (the 2_0_x branch) with the 'message 
> to bugs' stuff in it then Tony or I can give your commit access to 
> cvs.cvsnt.org and you can commit it as a change and then the next 2.5.04 
> build will have that code in it.  Tony and i are struggling for time these 
> days so every bit of work like this that someone else volunteers for is a 
> real help to the entire community.

I would be happy to if a) it isn't too complicated (like I said, my C/C++ 
skills are rusty) and b) I can figure out how to get a simple checkout to 
compile properly.

My first goal right now is simply to get the code from the 2382 branch to 
compile without making any changes what-so-ever, but I am struggling with 
that.  I will retry with Tony's latest instructions and see if that makes 
any difference.

>> What is cygwin required for?  Is that only if I want to build for *nix? 
>> Or is that required even for a Win build?
> Tony and I use bash scripts to automate it all.  You 'may' be able to do a 
> simple debug build without it...

Are those scripts part of the CVS tree as well?  Should I be using those 
scripts to build things?

>> Hmmm - interesting.  Where do I look for build.h in that case?  In 
>> VS2003, I did a clean & rebuild soln, and ended up with that error.
> There is a program (genbuild or something) that creates it - it's the 
> first file in the build

Does that have to be called by hand?  Or is the Rebuild Soln supposed to do 
that for me?

Do you guys use VS for development as well?  Or some other IDE?



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