[cvsnt-dev] Is there way to debug CVS server from within VS2003 editor?

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Tue Feb 12 19:58:46 GMT 2008

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Eric B. wrote:
> In VS2003, is there a way to attach to the CVS process and put a breakpoint 
> in the CVS code and step through the code line by line?  I manage to attach 
> to the cvsservice, and put a breakpoint in DoCvsThread() method (line 739), 
> but not quite sure how to step through from that point to be able to break 
> in commit.cpp itself.  I'm able to step through to RunFile (line 185) where 
> it seems like the cvs process is launched, but there is no way I can be 
> quick enough to attach the CVS process in time.  I've put a breakpoint in 
> commit.cpp, in the long shot that it might somehow be attached, but no such 
> luck.
> Is there an easier way to do this?  How do you guys debug this?  Is there 
> any way to debug this thru the editor?
There are two ways:

1. run :local: - works for most commands where you're not dealing with 
client/server differences.
2. Run server using cvsservice -test and stick an _asm int 3 in there to 
crash it.

:fork: doesn't actually fork (Win32 doesn't support that), it simply 
creates a new process and talks to it directly as if it was a server.

If you try to debug under vista you get issues because of the security 
barriers between processes - it's impossible to break into a process 
that's running under a different user, for example, even if you spawned 
it.  It's much easier under XP.


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