[cvsnt-dev] Is there way to debug CVS server from within VS2003 editor?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Wed Feb 13 22:05:13 GMT 2008

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> One question that I did have; I noticed that every "lib" that you use, you 
> use from the source code and recompile.

Not every lib - no.  libxml2 and iconv are two that spring to mind.  I'm not 
sure if there is a clear reasoning which has followed which should be in the 
source and which should not.  I know from experience with other projects 
regex on windows is difficult - so I think the regex library in the cvsnt 
tree is for windows only and when compiled on linux/unix/mac it uses an 
external one - in fact you'll probably find that is the case with most, I 
vaguely remember seeing code in the linux config that if pcre is installed 
on the system that the build will use it rather than the internal one too...

> Well, to be entirely honest, I find pretty much everything confusing. 
> From some of the var names (which are non-obvious) to the method names 
> (the mix of C++ and C is particularly confusing at times), to all the 
> defines and the aliasing and the .....   I can imagine when you've had 
> your head in the code for years already (as you have), then things are 
> fairly clear, but for a newbie like me, wow - it's a doozy.

I'm a C, SQL and Uniface programmer not a C++ programmer and I found it 
considerably more difficult to get it to build than I did to make a 
change/add a feature.  The 'trick' is just to steer clear of any code you 
don't need.  The 'message to bug' code is a little tricky I now recall - 
because for some reason when you call the internal regex() on windows it 
just returns rubbish - so i had to create saferegex() and lregex() and 
lregcomp() etc etc.  I think it's to do with some static binding somewhere 
on windows...  Again it's the 'building' that is more difficult than the 
change  - the 'message to bug' code on hpux doesn't need any of that rubbish 
and could be contained within just a few lines.  There are reasons why so 
few open source projects do windows...

Also I've just remembered that merging the control panel code resource file 
(cvsntcpl.rc or something) may be difficult since if you open the RC file 
'graphically' in VS it rewrites it changing every line.  I tend to hand 
craft my RC mods so this doesn't happen - but tony tends to use the 
painter - so it'll depend on who did it last.  If you have trouble with the 
control panel then just bypass it and set the settings in the registry with 
regedit manually for your testing and i'll do the control panel (I've got 
some other things to do in there I think).



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