[cvsnt-dev] Is there way to debug CVS server from within VS2003 editor?

Eric B. ebenze at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 13 21:43:23 GMT 2008

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"Tony Hoyle" <tony.hoyle at march-hare.com> wrote in message 
news:fosubn$j8t$1 at paris.nodomain.org...
> Feel free to add extra comments if you find something particularly 
> confusing.  I try to make code easy to follow on its own - for my own sake 
> if nothing else.. and do throw comments in where I've done something 
> non-obvious.

Well, to be entirely honest, I find pretty much everything confusing.  From 
some of the var names (which are non-obvious) to the method names (the mix 
of C++ and C is particularly confusing at times), to all the defines and the 
aliasing and the .....   I can imagine when you've had your head in the code 
for years already (as you have), then things are fairly clear, but for a 
newbie like me, wow - it's a doozy.

I guess part of the reason that I am finding things so confusing is that I 
have lost some the "C" style of programming after 5-10 yrs in Java.  I now 
realize that some of the things I hated when I first moved to Java actually 
makes it significantly easier to read and understand code whereas things are 
a lot more tricky in C.

But I'll keep swinging away at it and try to figure this out.  I don't 
expect to understand everything at all; but it would be nice to understand 
some of the basics at the very least.

One question that I did have; I noticed that every "lib" that you use, you 
use from the source code and recompile.  Is there a reason for that, as 
opposed to using precompiled, version'ed libs?  For instance, instead of 
using some regex libs, you have all the source code for regex (pcre) instead 
of just a precompiled lib.  I'm assuming that is in order to compile for the 
different environments, instead of having multiple binaried libs?



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