[cvsnt-dev] Help using a manual build of cvs

Eric B. ebenze at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 2 00:25:29 BST 2009

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Hi Arthur,


> The cvsservice.exe just takes the place of inetd on windows - it just starts 
> a cvs.exe 'server' process when a connection on port 2401 appears, it's 
> always cvs.exe that does all the work whether it's a client or a server.

That's pretty much what I had figured.  So when I couldn't get cvs to login without an error, I decided to go back to the beginning and rebuild everything from the ground up.  But I am having a little difficulty getting the dependencies to work out properly.


I checked out the CVSNT_2_0_x branch into a new sandbox.  I cleaned up any previous config I had in my Visual Studio to ensure that there was nothing trailing from a previous setup.


Now when I try to build the project, I run into a lot of missing dependencies, and am not sure where to find them.  Originally, I had set up VS using Bo's instructions, but I remember you saying they were quite old and outdated.  So this time, I figured I would try to configure it by hand properly.


Is the cvsdep package still required to build cvsnt?  I noticed that libxml, for instance, has now been included in the cvsnt project, so that lead me to think that cvsdep may no longer be required.  But then again there is no bonjour anywhere, so I am not sure.  Are all the necessary libs now included in the CVSNT_2_0_x project, or do I still need cvsdep?


A large number of projects give me an error that config.h is missing.  For instance, cvsapi\codepage.cpp is failing at #include <config.h>.


Is there a particular config.h that all these projects point to?  Is this something that the genbuild project is supposed to create?  Or does that file belong to another project?


I'm sure I will have a lot more questions as I try to get this build working.  Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.  I know that you and Tony use bash scripts to compile things, but I had trouble getting some of those scripts working as well.







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