[cvsnt-dev] cvsnt - deadlock while tagging

Krzysztof Nowak k.nowak at osmosys.tv
Tue Jul 21 08:19:15 BST 2009

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We have issued two rtag operations on 2GB source tree in parallel.
It is important that both RTAG operations has to be run in parallel.

We have found that each file is locked for read (Full Read) and then for 
At one moment both RTAG processes has obtained Full Read lock on the 
same file and it caused deadlock
bacause no one process could obtain Write lock on that file.

Krzysztof Nowak

Arthur Barrett pisze:
> Krzysztof Nowak
>> We have installed cvsnt on Linux machine and we have found deadlock while 
>> two tagging operations where issued by two clients on the whole repository 
>> tree.
> What exactly were you doing when you think you found this deadlock?
> We need a procedure to reproduce the problem - or at least give us a general 
> idea of what was happening when the problem occurred and why you went 
> looking for a locking problem.
> Since some very very large sites use CVSNT, I'm a little sceptical that it 
> really is a deadlock - unless it's a very rare scenario or some very odd 
> procedure/use of the software.
> I look forward to your explanation.
> Regards,
> Arthur Barrett

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