[Cvsnt] How do I setup pserver?

Ivancic, Nikolaj nivancic at lumicyte.com
Mon May 27 03:54:47 BST 2002

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I am sorry Bo, if my message was perceived as inflammatory, and I
certainly have no intentions to devalue your efforts, nor to start a
soap-box "speech". My points were simply:

	A software effort like this one, needs to have one
	for the same reason an orchestra has a director. Otherwise a
mess gets
	created, despite the best intentions of all participants.

	Public domain software, despite being created by people who are
	paid for that effort, should, and most of the time is, written
	the standards that are at least as high as the "real products".
	That has been proven many times, Linux being one of the first
	proofs of such statements, Apache Web Server the next.

	I do not disagree with your assessment of the value of
	and I am pointing the lack of the definition of the protocols
	supported and the interaction between both the server and the
	(command line version or GUI based), with their environment.
	This is particularly true for CVSNT version, written from
	to run under Windows, so I would expect a very tight integration
	and a well written document about how the authentication is done
	in all of it's variants. Specifically, rather than seeing a
	how to set up the client with all variants of the underlying OS
	supported protocols, I would be much happier with the
	how is the authentication implemented in the terms of Win32 API,
	be left with my own conclusions what does that mean for each OS.

Again, I wrote too much, taking people's valuable time. I do apologize
for that :-)


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On Sun, 26 May 2002 19:00:33 +0000 (UTC), "Ivancic, Nikolaj"
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>Tony Hoyle's post (below) is very indicative of the "general state of
>the affairs" amongst the CVS society. It's really disappointing to
>spend weeks trying to get this simple distributed application to work,
>and to give up, realizing that for effort spent on this it would be
>less expensive to buy a "real product" with a real price.

After all this is public domain free software maintained by people
without pay.
>Documentation is simply abysmal, despite valiant efforts from people
>like Bo - there are way too many various documents, all making
>contradictory (to other similar documents) claims, and none being
>really complete.

To be complete all of us trying to help fellow users need to have all
combinations of setups, which is impossible. So we try answering
according to our own successes and failures in order to help others. But
talking about myself, I have only experience with ntserver and pserver
protocols and none whatsoever of ssh and connections to Linux or the
like. The new sspi protocol was not available when I set up my
organization for CVSNT and so I cannot help in this area either. We will
not change from ntserver since it is working well and serves our
purposes. So do you suggest I keep my mouth shut since I do not know

>This is actually pretty fascinating, if it's true that most if not all
>of the users participating in this newsgroup are programmers. There are

>no definitions of the protocols being used (to the best of my
>knowledge, of course), while such documents could explain so much more
>than a series of recipe-like documents, floating everywhere around. It
>seems that each person trying to install a CVS client server setup felt

>the need to publish their own "how-to" cook book, clearly supporting
>the point I am making here.

I do not "feel a need to publish" but I feel a need to help people
coming new to CVSNT when I see questions and problems recurring. After a
while I found that I wrote the same stuff over and over so I put my
experinece in a web page and refer people there instead. Faster
typing.... And what these newbies most often need is a cook-book
approach so they get their first system up and running. Then they can
drill down ito details all by themselves.

>My case is different in this last sentence, so instead writing my own
>recipe, I decided that CVS is simply too difficult to install. This is
>just too bad, since it's not just to Tony and his crew who must have
>spent a great effort to create the software; at the same time, it also
>clearly indicates that no software is any good without a solid set of
>manuals (in this case, I am referring to the installation manuals; just

Manuals can also be done as a public effort. Anyone intersted/able to
can holler.

>consider the case in question, described in the subject line of this
>post: a guy asks how on earth one can create a file with the name
>.passwd, some else creates a Win2K specific trick for that, only to
>find out how for some time CVSNT does not even read this file).

Well, not entirely correct. Pserver will remain using it for
compatibility reasons.

>So, maybe PRCS is the answer - I will let you know :-)

Probably you mean PVCS and good luck! I evaluated that and ClearCase for
my organization before choosing CVS. The choice for CVS was not based
only on money, but it was a prominent factor of course.

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>On Sun, 26 May 2002 04:32:46 +0100, SpifNews wrote:
>> --
>> [ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ] To create the
>> .passwd file
>Or just do 'cvs login' which is the correct way to do it.
>There is absolutely no need to attempt to create the .passwd file
>manually.  Later versions on cvsnt don't even use it (they store the
>information in the registry).

(Bo Berglund, developer in Sweden)

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