[cvsnt] Re: BUG: Local lock server not started when using :local: with network drive

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Wed Aug 31 16:24:36 BST 2005

Torsten Martinsen wrote:
> One TortoiseCVS user reported a problem when using :local: where the 
> repository is on a network drive (yes, I also advise users to not use 
> network drives, but they tend to do it anyway). Apparently, the lock 
> server is not started in this case; only if the lock server is already 
> running will the operation succeed. I have reproduced this using 

cvsnt must not start a lockserver when using a network drive - doing so 
would be to invite the gross error of having a lockserver per user.

There must be *one* lockserver, and it must be defined in the 
CVSROOT/config before using network shares like that.  It doesn't have 
to be on the same machine as the repository, but it must exist.


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