[evs] Current status

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Wed Oct 11 10:50:41 BST 2006

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Hi folks.

Picking up the 2.6 code from where I left off is proving to be a 
challenge - I was pulled off it in the middle of something & it doesn't 
compile.. so it's going to take a day or two to get my head around what 
is going on so I can get back on track.

Current plan is:

Release a1:

Fix 2.6 bugs in last release, make sure things that were broken work.
Go over rules for database upgrade, and add a rule to handle the 2.5 bug 
where it created tags for directories instead of branches.

Also todo.. fixup the website to move OSS development towards 2.6/evs.

Known issues:

1. Doesn't compile!!!
2. Checkout a single file doesn't work correctly (logic error in the 
3. Checkout of old release doesn't always get correct filename (code 
correct but upgrade seems to have made an error during translation).
4. Directories being marked with tags rather than branches (2.5 bug 
propogated during upgrade).
5. If a directory has a static tag, shouldn't allow any operations 
against it - currently fails silently.

Release a2:

Merge in changes from 2.5.x, check everything still works and fix as 

Release a3:

Implement rename command (backend code has worked for a while, just 
needs the command to issue new ones).
Move extension DLL interfaces into cvsapi as much as possible (mostly 
done, but there's still some stuff in cvs.exe).  Allow DLLs to add and 
modify existing commands somehow (eg. audit should be able to redirect 
the history command to its own database without changing the core code).
Get cvscontrol repository browser and read-only DAV interface working. 
Have plugin interface for this for eg. web based control panel.


All of the above I hope to get done within about 6 weeks (may split some 
of the more complex stuff in a3 into an a4.. depending on time 
constraints).  The hardest bit is this week whilst I re-familiarise 
myself with the code.. once that's done I'll be able to move fairly quickly.

After release a3 there will be an official preview release & as much of 
a bug squash as possible, followed by a couple of RC builds and the 
first stable release (timing depending on nature of bugs/feedback).


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