[evs] Current status

Kelly F. Hickel kfh at mqsoftware.com
Sat Jan 13 16:17:42 GMT 2007

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	I'm running a patched version of 1.11, I didn't want to upgrade
to 1.12 for various reasons.  The patch is essentially the same except
for the CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM stuff, although the code could be made a
bit simpler for 1.11, as the whole bit about putting things into the
list, sorting the list and taking the highest value could be replaced by
a simple "max value tracker" integer.  I did it with the list because I
wanted essentially the same code for 1.11 and 1.12.

	If cvsnt has the CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM feature then before you
use the patch you have to decide how you want to resolve the question of
what should the next free magic branch number be in the case of a repo
that has branches that were created with CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM set, but
it's not set currently.  An unpatched cvs 1.12 would ignore the branches
that had been created with a CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM value, one with the
current patch would choose the highest unused value.  There's some
question as to which is correct.  If the old behavior is what you want,
then the sort should be done in reverse order, then you start at the top
of the list and look for the first gap, add two and that's the new magic
branch tag number.


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> From: Arthur Barrett [mailto:arthur.barrett at march-hare.com]
> Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2007 2:50 AM
> To: Kelly F. Hickel; evs at cvsnt.org
> Subject: RE: [evs] Current status
> Thanks Kelly,
> > So, I certainly can't guarantee that these patches
> > are correct, nor that they will be accepted into any
> > version of cvs, but there you go.
> Are you running a patched version of CVS 1.12 (ie: with these patches
> applied) on your own server?
> One option is that we could possibly add this to a testing release of
> CVSNT and make it only operate if the "experimental" option is
> on.  That way it potentially can be tested by a wider range of people.
> The next 2.5.04 testing release should be in the coming week - but I
> say that last week too..
> Regards,
> Arthur

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