[evs] Does EVS remove some of CVS limitations?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Feb 5 05:23:46 GMT 2008

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> I'm not sure if this belongs in EVS group or EVS-dev, so please let me 
> know if it belongs more in the dev discussion.

I think here is a good place.

> - tag names to be unique within a branch name-space only. No need for tags

Can you explain exactly the use-case/business-case, as detailed an example 
as possible.
We are planning to more formally support the March Hare 'promotion model' 
concecpt in EVS. 'promotion levels' are described in the eBook - they are a 
branch used not for any actual changes but only for merging: eg branch 
dev-maint-1 is used for maintainging release 1 of the software, and there is 
a test-maint-1 and a prod-maint-1, equally dev-maint-2 is used for 
maintaining release 2 and there is test-maint-2 and prod-maint-2. In EVS 
this will be something like branch 'maint-2' and 'maint-2/test' and 
'maint-2/prod' so I think the answer to your question is 'yes' you can have 
branch 'test' and 'prod' on both maint-1 and maint-2 - the syntax is as 
above. This is not in the current preview - but it is a feature planned for 
'version 1'.

> - tag / branch names to include all characters, including spaces and 
> punctuation.

I'm not really sure this is a good idea - but there is no limitation I am 
aware of (except maybe we haven't taken account of 'spaces'. What are other 
peoples opinion on this? I definitely think supporting Japanese and Chinese 
branch names is a good thing and the model supports it though we don't 
intend 'internationalizing' things until after version 1...

> - Ability to add comments / description to branches / tags

I'm pretty sure the data model supports this, but I'm not sure if the EVS 
client has a parameter for it.  It'd probably be 'easier' to maintain from 
the server interface than a client (hopefully more on the reason why in a 
month or so).

> - Merging of renamed/relocated files to reflect the new name/location in 
> the merge

This is from your previous post. I'd like to see some market assessment as 
well as user assessment before going much further - I think you were 
checking up on Perforce right?

> - LDAP authentication and / or SSO

CVSNT and EVS both do this to varying degrees... SSPI is SSO (provided your 
SSO is Active Directory) and Active Directory is actually a kind of LDAP - 
though if you are using a Linux/Solaris/HPUX server then you can use PAM 
(provided that your SSO or LDAP has a PAM plugin - which I think they all 
do). On the commercial side we've done a few quotes for supporting some 
specific LDAP authentication, unless someone contributes the code I can't 
see us doing that voluntarily, but we'd happily open source it after the 
customer had paid for it.

It the above doesn't resolve this can you explain in more specifics what you 
are after?



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