[evs] Does EVS remove some of CVS limitations?

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Wed Feb 6 14:45:23 GMT 2008

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Arthur Barrett wrote:

> We can do all this in CVSNT for C/C++, Pascal, Fortran, SQL*Plus,
> Uniface, Ada, COBOL, MASM and pretty much any language other than Java,
> but the solutions in CVSNT take time to put together and are not as
> 'obvious' (or inuitive) as they are in ClearCase 

I'm not sure this is really true. There's the thing with embedded
references to other files that specify a file name and/or location: HTML,
XML, CSS and all other web scripting languages, #include directives in C
and C++ and something similar in pretty much any assembler, VC++ and other
IDE or editor project files, most word processor and spreadsheet files, and
so on. A long list... The Java problem is just a special case of this
problem with textual references to actual file paths. Without propagating
the renames, only the textual references get propagated, which means they
stop working. This affects a lot of environments.

> I think an 'ideal' soltution would be able to specify a default by file
> type (so for instance .java files could rename and merge, but .c/.cpp
> files would not - but that's probably just overkill on a project that is
> already late...).

I still don't understand why or when it would make sense to not propagate a
rename or a move in a C or C++ environment. 


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