[evs] Does EVS remove some of CVS limitations?

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Thu Feb 7 12:11:50 GMT 2008

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Eric B. wrote:
> I would guess / expect in that case that once EVS starts to build a 
> foundation base, and gains support in the community, we may begin to see 
> more native EVS clients that could bypass the compatibility layer and 
> communicate directly using native EVS APIs.

That's probably not needed.  As Arthur said it's just duplication of 
effort as there are lots of really good clients out there, and we can 
support some of the more advanced stuff via the web interface.

> Speaking of which, is it of much concern is it that SVN seems to be building 
> such a strong following, seemingly stealing away users from the CVS base? 
> Or are you confident that EVS will be such a better, more robust system that 
> any SVN'ers will come back? 

Personally I don't see these as conflicting.  The whole point of EVS is 
it's flexibility - if someone has an EVS server and one of the 
programming teams want to switch to 'CoolVersioningTool' then we just 
write a translation layer for that tool and they carry on working.  The 
data doesn't move and the server stays where it is, doing its job.

So changes in the landscape and 'VCS of the month' really aren't an 
issue - because support for a particular protocol doesn't mean throwing 
out the system and starting again, merely implementing the new support. 

This keeps IT happy, since they have only one server to manage, and the 
developers happy, because they can use their tool of choice.

It also gives each system the advantages of the other one - eg. if you 
can't rename in your chosen CVS client, mount the repository, rename the 
file there, then just update in your client again.  If system A has a 
feature you'd like to use but you normally use system B, checkout using 
system A, do whatever you need, and all the changes are reflected 
correctly in your original system, automatically.


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