[evs] Does EVS remove some of CVS limitations?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Feb 7 05:53:06 GMT 2008

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> Just for clarification; in Commercial how does the "message to 
> bug" option work exactly?

It uses a regular expression - but the user is insulated from that, but you 
can use any synonym for Bug anywhere in the message.

> We use Jira (not bugzilla) here for issue tracking , so all our issue 
> numbers have a prefix associated with them - ie: PROJ-1234.  Would we 
> enter bugPROJ-1234 in the log msg in that case?  Or is it everything 
> contained with quotes?  ie: "bug PROJ-1234"?

I vaguely remember that bugs / changesets in CVSNT are restricted to 
numbers - but I've just had a quick look through the code and can't see 
anywhere it is in commit.cpp - it may be that audit assumes a bug is a 

If all your bugs start with PROJ then you could just use PROJ as the synonym 
for bug.  Since it's a regular expression I don't think you could 
distinguish between proj 123 or PROJ 123 though.  This is the regular 
expression used and the %s is replaced with 'bug synonym' (eg: Bug or PROJ) 


The purpose of 'message to bug' is to look for a number which is pointed to 
by a string prefix, so if you have bugs 'AA123' and 'BB123' then this wont 
work and I personally wont be making it work.

Have you looked at the EVS beta yet?  It has an inbuilt bug tracker and we 
would expect if you are using EVS then that is what you would use (though in 
theory you could do your own).



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