[cvsnt-dev] Re: compilation fails under Linux

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Tue Jul 26 21:50:18 BST 2005

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David Somers wrote:

> Em. Is there a ./configure option to enable/disable audit? I couldn't see
> one.
It's done at runtime.. In most cases the only dependency on the database 
is a single source file.

> I'm on Gentoo myself... its package management is a lot more friendly than
> other distros (its source base, and its easier to modify/hack packages so
> they can work with each other).

I found Gentoo had similar problems (with different packages) unless you 
modified the USE variable for each install, which was too much work for 
me...  eg. links, which is ideal for text mode, pulls in X11 if you have 
it in your USE variable.

I quite like debian.. it's just sometimes you have package maintainers 
who do bizarre things (if unixodbc should be dependent on any GUI it'd 
be QT since its admin interfaces uses it.. I really can't see why gnome 
is needed - especially for the -dev package which shouldn't have any 
dependencies at all..)

> For cvsnt, it looks like everything works when unixODBC 2.2.8 or better is
> installed (if you could test for that requirement as part of cvsnt's
> configure that might help others avoid trying to compile with a too-old
> unixODBC install).

I'm not really sure how to...  I don't think there's a version check 
anywhere and the ODBC interface itself is pretty static.  Is there 
something specific that fails that I could check for?

> p.s. Hey.. we're now on Servalan! Right, spill the beans, when are the
> good-guys going to be used... Travis and Servalan were both baddies!

There weren't many goodies... Avon was a baddie too (albeit a baddie on 
'our' side)..


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