[cvsnt-dev] Re: compilation fails under Linux

David Somers dsomers at omz13.com
Tue Jul 26 22:22:53 BST 2005

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Tony Hoyle wrote:

> I found Gentoo had similar problems (with different packages) unless you
> modified the USE variable for each install, which was too much work for
> me...  eg. links, which is ideal for text mode, pulls in X11 if you have
> it in your USE variable.

I found with Gentoo the biggest problem is getting USE in /etc/make.conf
right... after that, I've only had to tweak the USE for individual packages
on only a handful of occassions.

> I quite like debian.. it's just sometimes you have package maintainers
> who do bizarre things (if unixodbc should be dependent on any GUI it'd
> be QT since its admin interfaces uses it.. I really can't see why gnome
> is needed - especially for the -dev package which shouldn't have any
> dependencies at all..)

Gentoo has/had similar problems... sometimes the USE settings are just
totally screwed somewhere and a console mode app suddenly wants the whole
of X11 installed. Normally such crazy things get fixed fairly quickly.

>> For cvsnt, it looks like everything works when unixODBC 2.2.8 or better
>> is installed (if you could test for that requirement as part of cvsnt's
>> configure that might help others avoid trying to compile with a too-old
>> unixODBC install).
> I'm not really sure how to...  I don't think there's a version check
> anywhere and the ODBC interface itself is pretty static.  Is there
> something specific that fails that I could check for?

My guess would be to check for the version of libodbc that's installed.

>> p.s. Hey.. we're now on Servalan! Right, spill the beans, when are the
>> good-guys going to be used... Travis and Servalan were both baddies!
> There weren't many goodies... Avon was a baddie too (albeit a baddie on
> 'our' side)..

And isn't it funny how everybody preferred Avon to Blake... you never knew
quite whose side he was on: hisown mainly :-)

You do realise that you have now given me the ideal excuse to watch all the
episodes to list all the goodies.

> Tony

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