[cvsnt-dev] Re: compiling 2.5.03 build 2260

Zsolt Branyiczky brazso at easymail.hu
Tue Jul 4 08:13:30 UTC 2006

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Zsolt Branyiczky wrote:
> Tony Hoyle wrote:
>> Zsolt Branyiczky wrote:
>>> I have updated my cvsnt client from 1976 to 2260, but still if I 
>>> chekout cvsnt using CVSNT_2_5_03_2260 version tag, I get plenty of c 
>>> files into src directory instead of the cpp ones. How else can I 
>>> obtain the source of CVSNT_2_5_03_2260? I cannot make my usual 
>>> modification (using different edit flags on the same file in 
>>> different branches) unless it can be recompiled.
>> I can only assume that it's some local issue - a checkout to the tag 
>> is precisely how the release builds are made, and works OK.
>> You can already have different edits on different branches - this has 
>> been supported for a long time.
>> Tony
> Hi Tony,
> Maybe you are right, I'll try to make a checkout at home.
I got the same result at home with 1998. Would anybody be so kind to 
execute a

cvs -d :pserver:cvs:@cvs.cvsnt.org:/usr/local/cvs checkout -r 
CVSNT_2_5_03_2260 cvsnt

command in an empty directory, and tell me about the downloaded 
cvsnt/src/edit.c(pp) file?
I'm curious to know the exact extension of the file and its size in 
bytes, moreover the version of the CVSNT client used. If the 
extension/size are different compared to mines (edit.c, 42161 bytes), 
then there is something really wrong going on here at local.

My cvsnt\src\CVS\Entries there is:
/edit.c/ Feb 11 13:40:12 2006/-kkv/TCVSNT_2_5_03_2260

> As for the "different edits on different branches", is it really 
> supported yet? There is more info about it in my today's second post 
> titled "change-proposal - edit flags in branches". It is possible that I 
> have just checked it on 1976, which is really not an up-to-date version. 
> Tomorrow morning I'll verify it with 2260.
There is no change in operation between 1976 and 2260. Editor flag 
contain the branch after the first edit command (unless switch 'w' is 
used), but a new edit from another branch simply overwrites the editor 
flag, the previous one is removed.


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