[evs] Does EVS remove some of CVS limitations?

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Wed Feb 6 18:10:53 GMT 2008

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Eric B. wrote:
> Getting back to my original post / questions, is there any further news 
> whether EVS will support:
> - tag names to be unique within a branch name-space only.  No need for tags
> to be unique across an entire project
> - tag / branch names to include all characters, including spaces and
> punctuation (and potentially foreign charsets)
> - Ability to add comments / description to branches / tags

Yes and no :p

I'll explain evs a bit...

Evs is really just a server that supports object tracking.  There's 
nothing inherently within it that knows what a 'tag' is - it's all just 
objects that can be represented in different ways.  Within that there's 
no real limit - everything is stored as UTF8 and any given object can 
have any number of properties like extra comments etc.  It doesn't care 
about the clients just quietly remembers everything that's done and 
enforces access controls and auditing.

Evs 'speaks' cvs through a compatibility library, that converts all the 
primitive objects into things that what we call the 'evs client' (which 
is a modified cvs) recognise as tags, branches, files, version numbers, 
etc. (there's also a layer for DAV and even a little SVN, on a good day).

So Evs (the server) can support all of the above easily.  The 'client' - 
cvs, cvsnt, or the evs client - may not do.  cvs and cvsnt have hard 
limits on the way they represent tags and branches, and wouldn't even be 
able to checkout a tag name with a space in it, for example.  They also 
have no intrinsic support for tags with extended characters and are 
liable to render them as junk.

The plan is for the evs client to support a 2 layer branching/tagging 
system so you can divide a branch into different promotion levels (as 
Arthur explained before).  This theoretically supports your unique tag 
idea.. it's just another application of it. (how I make this compatible 
with cvs is a question I'm still thinking about).

However for reasons of compatibility with older clients (and the client 
server protocol) tags will still have some restrictions.


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